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Featured with lifelike appearance, flexible movements, and vivid roaring, our animatronic dinosaurs are loved by visitors of the Jurassic dinosaur theme parks, museums, and exhibitions. We consult with paleontologists to ensure each animatronic dinosaurs are created based on the correct scientific data. Animatronic Dinosaurs can design and build any animatronic dinosaur according to customer’s requirements and specifications. Share your ideas, you will have your own dinosaurs of high quality and competitive price.


It’s our honor to introduce our animal skeleton and fossil replicas. Most of the models are museum replicas from museum of all over the world.

We offer life-sized mammoth skeletons, machairodus skeletons, arctodus skeletons, whale skeletons, skulls, ribs, tails, feet and more. We can also customized animal skeletons per your specifications with high quality and reasonable price.


My dinosaurs is a leading manufacturer of realistic dinosaur costumes, dragon costumes and baby dinosaur puppets with sound and movement effect for parks, events and parties.


Walking dinosaur ride with multiple control modes is a popular interactive equipment for parks, shopping malls, events and exhibitions.

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