Dinosaur Costumes

Life-like, Walking Dinosaurs

My dinosaurs is a leading manufacturer of realistic dinosaur costumes, dragon costumes and baby dinosaur puppets with sound and movement effect for parks, events and parties. We provide tailor-made service for every customer from costume frame structure to color and texture of the skin. Our goal is to give every performer the best operating experience. Come to contact us for a price inquiry and choose your adults’ fitting dinosaur costumes.

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High quality dinosaur clothing, the latest in texture design & skin material, friendly price. Collaborate with multiple local distributors in fifteen countries around the world to provide comprehensive “Dinosaur Apparel Leasing Information”


    Whether you are planning for corporate marketing or team building activities, trust me, wearing a length of 4m and a height of about 2.2m realistic dinosaur costume will trigger a social storm around your brand.

    How to attract people passing by and become potential customers? How to keep people enthusiasm for their goods? How to make a good eye in promotions & festivals? Maybe just a real dinosaur costume is enough.

    Dinosaurs always the best creatures which can inspire students to protect the environment whatever in middle school , high school or universtiy .

    Dinosaur is definitely a player who can create a cheerful atmosphere at anytime . Its appearance always brings sighs and screams, and children will always remember the day that they saw the “real dinosaur.”
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